LEADCOMM Sensitive Data Protection & Governance
LEADCOMM Sensitive Data Protection & Governance

An integrated "turn-key" modular solution for lifecycle and security compliance governance regarding sensitive information, providing software tools, hardware, installation services, training, PREMIUM support and assisted operation as well as proven methodologies for governing sensitive information and privileged accesses.

Available modules:


Automate and manage the masking of personal, privileged or sensitive information allowing it to be used by development teams

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Create and display analytics from real-time collection and normalization of data generated by users, applications and infrastructure that impacts the business IT security risk posture

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Test applications for known vulnerabilities both in production and during the development stages and provide mitigation information for developers

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All modules rely on our exclusive Sensitive Data Security Framework, that provides know-how, implementation services, policies, standards, training, outsourcing and IT security best practices.

The overall objective of this solution is to help an organization ensure that it is providing a high level of protection and compliance to sensitive data and privileged accesses, by making use of a proven methodology, powered by some of the most advanced software tools available.

Functional details

When the leakage of sensitive information happens, either by targeted attacks, malicious activity or tampering of data (or errors) there is need to provide practical solutions to accurately determine which data was accessed by whom, when, where and how.

We provide an integrated, modular, cutting-edge solution to govern and manage all aspects of sensitive data security. The individual components work together to provide comprehensive, out-of-the-box sensitive data and privileged accesses security.

Our solution is ideal for a variety of industries, such as Banking, Insurance, Health Care, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecommunications, e-Business and Government.

Business problem

Organizations need a way to effectively protect and govern the full lifecycle of sensitive data. Stand-alone tools are no longer sufficient to correctly identify and eliminate security threats, as attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated over time.

The problem can only be solved by using powerful tools, allied with a rich set of processes, policies, standards and real world know-how, and that's exactly what we provide.

Business opportunity

Data is everywhere. And with it, sensitive information is being spread through all kinds of infrastructure, devices and technologies, as needed to support key business processes that keep growing in complexity over time.

On the other hand, attackers are growing in numbers, hacking technologies are becoming more difficult to identify and track, and sensitive information is always their main target.

Corporate databases store the most important asset of any organization. It is there more than in any other repository, where sensitive data and confidential information are stored, always updated and - often - at its most vulnerable form.

The IBM software tools fullfill the needs of the customers in terms of needed capabilities, as defined by our unique Sensitive Data Security Framework. Our experienced team of consultants, powered by IBM products, add value to the customers providing them the best solution available in the market.

Our solution is ideal for a variety of industries, such as Banking, Insurance, Health Care, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecommunications, e-Business and Government.

Return on investment

Our solution can be easily Integrated into existing IT security environments and its modular architecture can be used to fit budget restrictions. Our approach saves deployment time by using well-documented and tested methods to deliver the IBM tools involved and will provide a robust solution for assessing and hardening of existing sensitive data IT security environments.

Reduce risk and exposure of your business brand, as well as the exposure to legal and compliance issues by proactively identifying potential vulnerabilities before they become costly corporate security breaches.

Avoid risk by actively protecting sensitive data in real-time, avoiding security breaches.

Competitive advantage

Since 2004 LEADCOMM has leveraged best practices, proven methodologies and real world expertise to help organizations achieve high levels of IT security and compliance for sensitive information using GUARDIUM and other solutions (as its sole distributor in Brazil), being recognized by our customers as a strong IT security partner.

After the IBM acquisition, we developed a full end-to-end solution customized towards our customers needs.

The solution brings highly specialized skills to all aspects of the full sensitive data lifecycle including architectural advisement, design, deployment, administration and training, without a lot of system or resources overhead to our customers, increasing the ease of use of the IBM tools and user adoption, and tipically accelerating implementations by a rate of 2-5x, though it has the potential to be higher.