Big Data & Analytics

Big Data = Volume + Velocity+ Veracity + Variety

How to make decisions from large volumes of data?

The 3 most important things you must hit to transform your business, using large data Volumes and analysis are:

  1. Velocity: Build a culture that uses analysis everywhere. Enable all employees to make decisions based on data, rather than relying on instinct and past experience, identifying what needs to be analyzed in real time.
  2. Veracity: Be proactive about privacy, security and governance. Make sure that the data being analyzed is safe and accurate.
  3. Variety: Invest in a Big Data & amp; Analytics platform that is tuned to the task of dealing with all types of data and analysis regardless of form or function.

A LeadComm works with the best technologies on the market for Big Data, Business Intelligence (BI), Business Analytics (BA) and integration of data from suppliers such as IBM and SAP. We develop solutions and projects using technologies able to access structured, semi and unstructured Hadoop System data, Stream Computing, Content Management, In-Memory, among others, generating insights for analysis:

  • Cognitive (What happened?);
  • Prescriptive (What could happen?);
  • Predictive (How can we achieve the best outcome?);
  • Descriptive (Tell me the best course of action ...).


Modernize your data warehouse

Use new technologies, increasing data confidentiality. Find, Visualize and understand every large volume of data to make right decisions.

Advantages of BI Modernization:

  • Information in real time;
  • Capturing data produced by various devices;
  • Integration of structured data, unstructured data;
  • Automation (BI Dashboards and Predictive Analytics);
  • Agility (Self-service and mobility for reports and dashboards);
  • Planning and Budget (Scenario Creation);
  • Security, Governance and Confidentiality of Data.